Corporate Members

​ASBC Corporate Members contribute their knowledge, expertise and professional involvement to ensure the continued strength of ASBC and promote excellence in the science and technology of brewing. We appreciate their support of ASBC and encourage you to contact them directly for detailed information on their company-specific products.  For contact information click the +/- box to the left of the company name. 

Also available is the searchable Corporate Member Directory. Contact ASBC’s Member Representative, Cheryl Kruchten, with any corporate membership questions at +1.651.994.3801, or e-mail ASBC.


expand Alaskan Brewing Co
expand Allagash Brewing Company
Contact Person: Zach Bodah
50 Industrial Way
Portland, ME 04103-1270
Phone: (207) 878-5385

Allagash Brewing Co. was founded in 1995 in Portland, ME. The brewers at Allagash have dedicated themselves to brewing creative, distinctive and high quality beers. Over the past 16 years, Allagash has grown from its first year's production of 120 barrels, to a distribution territory including 19 states and a production of over 23,000 barrels in 2010. In addition, Allagash has won numerous beer awards and have been featured in many national publications such as Gourmet, Cheers, Bon Appetit, Men's Journal and The Wall Street Journal. Today, Allagash remains one of the few breweries in the country that is committed to the Belgian tradition, brewing only Belgian inspired beers.
expand Anchor Brewing Co
expand Anton Paar the Americas
Contact Person: Helga Gschwind
10491 Lakeridge Pkwy
Ashland, VA 23005
Phone: (804) 368-3600

Anton Paar GmbH was established in 1922. AP develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems. It is the world leader in the measurement of density, concentration and CO2 as well as in the field of rheometry.
expand ATPGroup
expand Boon Rawd Brewery Co Ltd
Contact Person: Isara Khaolo-Iead
999 Samsen Road Dusit
Bangkok 10300
Phone: 66 2 2424000

The company was established in 1933 as the first brewery in Thailand. Now adays we are operating with seven factories producing beer, drinking water, and soda water. Our brands include Singha, Leo, U, Snowy, etc.
expand BrandTech Scientific, Inc
expand Brew Hub
Contact Person: Matt Freise
3900 South Frontage Road
Lakeland, FL 33815
Phone: (863) 698-7605

Brew Hub is a partnership brewery - where craft brewers go to grow! Established in 2012.
expand Briess Malting Co
expand Chai Bio
Contact Person: Josh Perfetto
990 Richard Ave Ste 110
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: (800) 642-4002

Chai is on a mission to advance humankind by creating unprecedented access to biotechnology. Chai's Open qPCR, starting at $5,999, is an easy-to-use, internet-connected, and professional grade Real-time PCR instrument. Several leading craft brewers, as well as 12 of the world's to 15 biomedical research universities, use Open qPCR. Chai together with Pika's 4e detection kits provides an integrated solution for screening and detection of all beer spoilers. Chai's solution includes simple wizard-driven software that delivers auto-interpretation and quantification of the spoilers in two hours.
expand Georgetown Brewing Co
expand Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.
Contact Person: Peter Stenfort
81 M St
Fresno, CA 93721-3215
Phone: (559) 256-5448
expand Hach Lange GmbH
expand Heineken Supply Chain
Contact Person: Eric Welten
PO Box 510
Zoeterwoude 2380 BB
Phone: 31 71 545 6556
expand Hygiena
expand Kalsec Inc
Contact Person: Joseph Snyder
3713 W Main St
PO Box 50511
Kalamazoo, MI 49005
Phone: (269) 349-9711

Kalsec, Inc. is the leading producer of specialty hop extracts such as isomerized and reduced hop acids as well as distinct hop oils. These are the tools for Precise Bitterness Control, Lightstability, Foam Enhancement and Flexibility in beer aroma and flavor.
expand Karbach Brewing Co
expand Kirin Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Hiroko Konno
Research & Development Planning Dept
4-10-2 Nakano Nakano-ku
Tokyo 164-0001
Phone: 81 3 6734 9782

Beer Production.
expand Malteurop North America Inc
expand Midwest Laboratories Inc
Contact Person: Jerry King
13611 B St
Omaha, NE 68144
Phone: (402) 829-9890

Midwest Laboratories is a full service laboratory providing analytical testing services in our microbiology, foods, feeds, chromatography, wet chemistry, metals and soils labs. We have been approached by a number of local breweries to test their products and we decided that we should join ASBC.
expand Optek-Danulat, Inc.
expand PQ Corporation
Contact Person: Kenneth A. Berg
280 Cedar Grove Rd
Conshohocken, PA 19428-2247
Phone: (610) 651-4644

The PQ Corporation is one of the world's most successful developers and producers of inorganic chemicals and performance particles-materials that solve problems and improve products and processes in hundreds of industries worldwide. PQ's adsorbent gels are specially designed silica gels, known world-wide under the flagship name BRITESORB®. By carefully controlling the size and surface characteristics of the pores, we can make a silica gel adsorb only those constituents of beer we want to remove: they adsorb the proteins that cause chill haze, but they do not adsorb the proteins necessary for an attractive and stable head of foam. The result is a brilliant beverage that retains its clarity during extended shelf storage.
expand Profamo, Inc.
expand R-Biopharm, Inc.
Contact Person: Sean A. Tinkey
870 Vossbrink Dr
Washington, MO 63090
Phone: (269) 789-3033

R-Biopharm develops, manufactures and markets rapid enzyme immunoassays for the detection of residues in food and feed. They include test kits for mycotoxins, hormones and anabolics, antibiotics, vitamins, food allergens and pathogens. R-Biopharm is also the worldwide exclusive distributor for the Boehringer Mannheim Roche enzymatic tests as well DNA /PCR based tests for the detection of GMOs, allergens and meat speciation by CONGEN.
expand Rahr Corporation
expand Sapporo Breweries Ltd
Contact Person: Yukio Okada
10 Okatohme
Shizuoka 425-0013
Phone: 81 54 6297980

Date of establishment; July 1, 2003. Business lines; manufacturer and sales of beer, sale of imported beer, wine and spirits.
expand Short's Brewing Co
expand Steinfurth, Inc.
Contact Person: Johann Angres
11390 Old Roswell Rd Ste 126
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Phone: (678) 500-9014

Steinfurth is producing and developing customized measuring instruments for the quality control of beverages and beverages packages. Our product range: CO2-Measuring systems for packaged and draught beverages, Measuring devices and calibrators for pressure and temperature, Closure Torque Tester, Calibration Tools for torque, Pressure and Temperature logger / Logger for monitoring of pasteurization, Beer analyzer (here specifically automatic Foam Stability Measurement and Turbidity Testing), Sampling devices for automatic single and multiple beverage sampling , Lab Scale Carbonators, Small Scale Inline Carbonators, Laboratory shaker for sample preparation, Packaging testing devices for closures, bottles and cans.
expand The Dudes' Brewing Co
expand Thirsty Dog Brewing Co
Contact Person: Brandon Benson
529 Grant St
Akron, OH 44311
Phone: (330) 252-2739

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company manufactures craft beer. The companies current production is approximately 10,000 barrels per year.
expand Two Roads Brewing
expand Union de Cervecerias Peruanas
Contact Person: Jennifer Guandique
Backus Y Johnston SAA
Av Nicolas Ayllon 4050 Ate
Lima 03
Phone: 51 1 3113000 ext 4251
expand Utah Brewers Cooperative
expand White Labs, Inc.
Contact Person: Lisa White
9495 Candida St
San Diego, CA 92126-4541
Phone: (858) 693-3441
expand Wyeast Laboratories Inc