​​​Volunteer with ASBC​

​Volunteer​s are an important part of ASBC and as a member, we are inviting you to actively participate in shaping your organization.

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Why Volunteer?

  • ​Help others in the brewing industry and further ASBC's mission
  • Try a new role or develop a new skill
  • Make business connections or friends in the industry
  • Build out your resume
  • Be a part of something bigger​​

ASBC currently needs members to work on the following committees​ and projects​:
  • ​Electronic Communications Committee
  • Webinar Committee

Chair of the Beer and Wort Sub-committee
Ideally you will have taken part in a method development/ring study previously and have an extensive network that you can use to help you build a group of likeminded individuals. The chair of this sub-committee reports into the Technical Committee and its Chair. In this role you will be responsible maintaining the membership of the Beer and Wort sub-committee, for identifying methods for development, working to support the chairs of method development groups, reviewing final reports and statistics, presenting methods to the Technical Committee and organiz​ing preliminary feasibility studies if needed. 
This person would also be a member of the ASBC Technical Committee.​

Brewing Efficiency Event
The purpose of this event is to increase awareness of the importance of QA in breweries that may have a limited quality program. Participants brew a recipe with known specs and send in samples to be analyzed in a central location. If the specs are within an acceptable range of accuracy, the brewery receives recognition (details TBD) from ASBC. We are looking for:
  • analytic laboratories to help analyze the submissions
  • companies who may be interested in sponsoring or offering discounted ingredients/equipment

Method Toolkits
The purpose of this project is to provide training for brewers that are building their quality program. The toolkits will provide wraparound support for essential ASBC Methods of Analysis including (but not limited to) scientific background, safety, demonstration of the method, data analysis, tips for getting a lab started on a budget, and support from ASBC peers and mentors. We are looking for members that use or have used ASBC methods to:
  • help create content
  • mentor participants​

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