​​​​​Research Council

Investing in Brewing Science and Supporting Research

The ASBC Research Council aims to fund scientific projects related to the brewing and/or allied industries. The Council will solicit project proposals which focus on the development of brewing science advancements that result in new methods, publications, presentations, etc. to benefit the ASBC’s membership at large. 

Project awards range from $5,000–$25,000. Grant awards cover one year of funding, if additional funding is requested beyond a one year duration, a new proposal must be submitted and will be evaluated by the ASBC Research Council.

Join the 2022​ ASBC Research Council​

The ASBC Research Council is composed of members from the ASBC Board of Directors​ and from members of companies providing supporting funding. The group is led by the ASBC Research Council Committee ChairXiang Yin.

We invite your organization to support scientific excellence in brewing and join the ASBC Research Council to help support project grants.               

Sponsor Levels
  • Sponsorships of $1,000–$4,999 will be a non-voting member on the Council and will have access to view the proposals and will receive updates submitted from the funded submissions prior to the general membership.
  • Sponsorships of $5,000 and above will participate in the review of submitted research proposals and be accorded one (1) vote in the funding decisions.
  • All sponsors of the Research Council will receive access to the funded research results.  

Sponsor today to be certain your organization has influence over the research funding, and access to the results.

Become a Sponsor

To learn more about this exciting opportunity and to encourage and extend brewing science research, or to become a sponsor, contact ASBC Research Council Committee ChairXiang Yin or Linda Schmitt at ASBC.​

2021 Grantees

Thanks to our sponsors, the ASBC Research Council was able to fund over $40,000 in project grants​ for 2021. 

  • ​​Identification of Fusarium graminearum strains producing different hydrophobin structural variants, and evaluation of the expression of hydrophobin genes in the field and during malting (Matthew Bakker, University of Manitoba, Canada) Read more...

  • ​​Strategies to prevent growth of pathogens and spoilage organisms in no and low alcohol beers ​(Stephen Lawrence, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom) Read more...

  • Evaluation of the impact of wildland fire on hops: development of an analytical method to detect volatile phenol contamination​ (Jessica Prenni, Colorado State University)​ Read​ more...

Grant Funding

Grants will be awarded to support academic research in brewing science that is conducted at a not-for-profit academic institution (domestic and international). Principal investigators and students are urged to apply.​​ Project submissions for 2022 grant funding will open in January. ​​

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Previously Funded Projects and Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors, ASBC has been able to fund numerous projects over the years. As a Research Council sponsor you'll have access to the funded research results. 

View Previous Grant Recipients and Sponsors​​​​​​

Thank You 2021 Sponsors