ASBC Research Council Grant Recipients and Sponsors​

Thanks to our sponsors, the following project grants have been funded. Research Council sponsors have access to the final project reports. Learn more​ about becoming a Research Council sponsor.​​ To date, the Research Council has funded nearly $155,000 in projects​ since 2018.​

​2020 Funded Project Grants

  • Development of a Simple and Portable Chemiluminescence Device for the Quantification of DMS Beer and Wort (Lucille Benedict, University of Southern Maine-QC2 Lab) Read more...​
  • Understanding Effects of Malt Storage on Beer Chemistry and Flavor Using a Metabolomics Approach (Harmonie Bettenhausen, Colorado State University) Read more...​
  • Using genome sequencing to track changes in brewing yeast during serial repitching (Maitreya Dunham, University of Washington) Read more...​

Thank you 2020 Sponsors!

​Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to fund over $50,000 in projects. 

  • BARTH-HAAS Group​
  • Boortmalt
  • Boston Beer Company
  • Brewers Association​​
  • Malteurop
  • New Belgium Brewing Company
  • Rahr Malting Company

2019 Funded Project Grants

  • ​Distribution of Fusarium in barley grain kernels and its effect on the development of trichothecene mycotoxins during malting (Zhao Jin/Paul Schwarz, North Dakota State University, U.S.A.)  Read more...​
  • Development of a rapid method for the quantitative detection of hydrophobins in barley and malt (Kevin Verstrepen, University of Leuven, Belgium) Read more...​
  • Evaluating methods to measure lipid content and composition in beer (Scott Lafontaine/Tom Shellhammer, Oregon State University, U.S.A.) Read more...​

Thank you 2019 Sponsors!

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to fund $55,000 in projects. 

  • BARTH-HAAS Group
  • Brewers Association
  • Boston Beer Company
  • Malteurop
  • New Belgium Brewing Company
  • Rahr Malting Company​

2018 Funded Project Grants
  • Development of Portable GCMS Methods for In-Situ Monitoring of the Malting Process and Early Detection of Barley Contamination (Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY U.S.A.) Read more...​
  • Characterization of Trichothecene Mycotoxin Development During the Malting of Fusarium Infected Barley and Other Grains (North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND U.S.A.) Read more...​
  • Assessment of PHS Resistance Candidate Gene Variation in Barley, Hordeum vulgare L. (Montana State University, Bozeman, MT U.S.A.) Read more...​
  • Physiological Heterogeneity in Daughter Yeast Cells (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom) Read more...​

Thank You 2018 Sponsors!

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to fund close to $50,000 in projects.

  • BARTH-HAAS Group
  • Boston Beer Company
  • Cicerone Certification Program
  • Kicking Wing Brewing Co.
  • Malteurop
  • New Belgium Brewing Company 
  • Rahr Malting
  • Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.​