Honorary Life Member​​


This award is reserved for ASBC members who are retired from full-time professional employment and have exhibited exceptional long-term service to the Society within elected or appointed positions. In addition, the nominated member should have a minimum of 20 years of membership in the American Society of Brewing Chemists. The award will only be given when exceptional achievement has been shown by the Board of Directors. Retired persons who were Past Presidents of ASBC are automatically bestowed Honorary Life Membership.

2023 ​Recipient

Charlie Bamforth has been part of the brewing industry since 1978. Formerly with the Brewing Research Foundation and Bass in the UK, he was lead professor of brewing at UC Davis for 20 years from 1999. He is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UC Davis and also Honorary Professor with the University of Nottingham in England. He was formerly Visiting Professor of Brewing at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. Since retirement he has served as Senior Quality Advisor to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. He is the author of numerous articles, papers and books on beer (and soccer), has featured extensively in the media and has received many awards for his contributions to the industry. Bamforth served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists from 2000-2017. Bamforth published his first paper in JASBC in 1985. He has published seven books with ASBC. He has been married to Diane since 1976, they live in Davis California and have three children and four grandchildren. 

To Nominate Your Colleagues

Nominations are accepted yearly from January - March 31. 

Honoary Life Member Recipients

​Charlie Bamforth
Brian Williams​
​2013 ​Dirk Bendiak and Kathy Kinton
​2012 ​Ayako Odaka
​2011 ​Dave Thomas
​2010 ​Lance Lusk
​2007 ​Mike Ingledew, Sherman Chan, David Hysert, Jim Munroe
​2003 ​Richard Pyler, Dave Diffor, Nona Mundy, John Grigsby
​2002 ​Peter Gales, Lydia Marinelli, Inge Russell
​2001 ​Anthony Cutaia
​1999 ​Norman Kendall
​1998 ​Michael Lewis, Michael Sfat, Richard Berndt
​1997 ​Arthur Rehberger
​1996 ​Alfred Haunold, Sam Likens, Phillip Israel, Lloyd Rigby
​1994 ​N. Margaret Morrison
​1993 ​Harald Weissler
​1990 ​Vincent Bavisotto
​1988 ​Paul Steinke
​1985 ​James McDougall
​1980 ​Ronald Latimer
​1969 ​J. Robert Piening
​1968 ​Robert Tenney
​1966 ​Dwight West

Past Presidents Bestowed Honorary Life Membership

Charles Baker
Vincent Bavisotto
Dirk Bendiak
Scott Britton
Gregory Casey
Sherman Chan
Robert Christiansen
Jeffery Cornell
Karen DeVries
John Engel
Robert Foster, II
Peter Gales
William Hardwick
David Hysert
Phillip Israel
Michael Joyce
Tim Kostelecky
Cindy-Lou Lakenburges
David Maradyn​
Rob Maruyama
Nona Mundy
James Munroe
Rebecca Newman
Chris Powell
Richard Pyler
Inge Russell
David Ryder
Christina Schoenberger
Bruce Sebree
Dana Sedin
Thomas Shellhammer
Charles Fred Strachan
David Thomas
Suzanne Thompson
Christine White
Xiang Yin