The Eric Kneen Memorial Award is presented to author(s) of the most outstanding paper in the ASBC Journal. The award is selected from the previous year's JASBC articles by members of the ASBC Editorial board and Technical Committee. 

Award Recipients

The award consists of an engraved plaque and a $1,000 honorarium (to be distributed amongst the authors). Awardee(s) will be recognized during the award ceremony at the ASBC Meeting. No award presented during WBC years. 

Selection Criteria

Any single published paper from the Journal from the immediate preceding year is eligible for consideration. This publication could arise from an annual meeting presentation, a poster session presentation, or an unsolicited submission to the Journal of the ASBC.

At least one author of a candidate paper must be a member of ASBC or be a designated corporate member at the time the ballots are sent out.

The published paper can be, but is not limited to, original work in the field of brewing and allied disciplines, comprehensive reviews, and critiques.

Criteria for the selection of “best” publication would include:

  • Clarity of exposition
  • Contribution to technical understanding
  • Technical rigor
  • Originality
  • Overall industry relevance 

Previous Award Recipients

​Journal Year ​Awardee Author(s)
​2018 ​Jeroen Baert, Jessika De Clippeleer, Paula Jaskula-Goiris, Gert De Rouck, Guido Aerts, Luc De Cooman
​2017 ​Elke Arendt, Lorenzo Peyer, Martin Zarnkow, Fritz Jacob, David P. De Schutter
2016 Andrew J. MacIntosh, Maria Josey, and R. Alex Speers
​2015 ​Christina Schmidt, Martin Biendl, Annika Lagemann, George Stettner, Christian Vogt, Andreas Dunkel, Thomas Hofmann
2014​ Tinne Dekoninck, Tom Mertens, Filip Delvaux, and Freddy Delvaux ​
​2013 ​Eric Johann Samp
​2012 ​Daan Saison, David De Schutter, Filip Delvaux, and Freddy Delvaux
​2011 ​Cynthia Edelen, Robert Foster, Eric Samp
​2010 ​Hidetoshi Kojima, Hirotaka Kaneda, Junji Watari, Yasuo Nakamura, and Teruhiko Hayashi
​2009 ​Evan Evans, Doug Stewart, M. Sheehy, L. H,. Robinson, and A. Surrel
​2008 ​David Ryder, Susan Kay, and Patrick Ting
​2007 ​Paul Hughes
​2006 ​Mark Goldsmith, Peter Rogers, Ken Ghiggino, Nuno Miguel Cabral, and Felicity Roddick
​2005 ​Barry Axcell, Sandra van Nierop and Anna Cameron-Clarke
​2004 ​Karl J. Siebert and Penelope Y. Lynn
​2003 ​Paul Sadosky, Paul Schwarz, and Richard Horsley
​2002 ​Robert T. Foster II, Eric J. Samp, and Hugo Patiño
​2001 ​M. Uchida and M. Ono
​2000 ​J. P. Maye, S. Mulqueen, S. Weis, J. Xu, and M. Priest
1999​ ​K. J. Siebert and P. Y. Lynn
​1998 ​K. J. Siebert and P. Y. Lynn
​1997 ​M. Uchida, S. Suga, and M. Ono.
​1996 ​L. Lusk, H. Goldstein, and D. Ryder
​1995 ​H. Kaneda, N. Kobayashi, Y. Tsuchiya, M. Munekata, and S. Koshino
​1994 ​S. Gares, M. Whiting, M. Ingledew, and B. Ziola
​1993 ​I. McMurrough, R. Kelly, J. Byrne, and M. O’Brien
​1992 ​A. J. Irwin, R. L. Barker, and P. Pipasts
​1991 ​B. W. Drost, R. van den Berg, F. J. M. Freijee, E. G. van der Velde, and M. Hollemans
​1990 ​B. J. Clarke, R. D. Jones, and T. E. Kavanagh