​FOAM: Practical Guides for Beer Quality​​​​

Charles W. Bamforth
The first volume in a six-part series addressing quality of beer.

“As only he can do, Charlie Bamforth efficiently presents and discusses the formation, beauty, physics, chemistry, size, whiteness, stability and robustness of beer foam. "
-- Dave Thomas, Brewer & Distiller International 

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©2012; 8” x 10” softcover; 80 pages; 20 color images; 14 black and white images; 1 pound; ISBN 978-1-938119-00-2

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​This book, the first in a series entitled "Practical Guides to Beer Quality," offers an easy-to-read yet comprehensive and authoritative description of all the factors that impact the quality and quantity of foam on beer.

FOAM guides the reader through the many factors that impact foam, culminating in a step-by-step explanation of how problems with too much or too little foam can be interpreted and rectified. The book takes the reader through the role that foam plays in perceived quality, the factors that impact foam, and the contributions that all st​ages from barley to dispense make to foam. It also describes how to measure head stability and cling and diagnose problems with over foaming (gushing). The author has conducted detailed research studies on foam for more than 30 years and indeed has been referred to as the “Pope of Foam.”

The book might be justly called a “foam owner's manual” and will be of interest to brewers; suppliers to the brewing industry; scientists studying foam; home brewers; beer servers in bars, restaurants, and hotels; and any serious lover of beer. It will enhance courses in malting and brewing science and any class where foaming and bubbles are covered.
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Perceptions of Foam
The Physics of Foaming​
The Chemistry of Foaming
Raw Materials, Processing, Dispensing, and Beer Foam
Measuring Beer Foam and the Foaming Components of Beer
Sorting Out Foaming Problems
Appendix 1: Suppliers
Appendix 2: Further Reading