Corporate Members

​ASBC Corporate Members contribute their knowledge, expertise and professional involvement to ensure the continued strength of ASBC and promote excellence in the science and technology of brewing. We appreciate their support of ASBC and encourage you to contact them directly for detailed information on their company-specific products.  For contact information click the +/- box to the left of the company name. 

Also available is the searchable Corporate Member Directory. Contact ASBC’s Member Representative, Cheryl Kruchten, with any corporate membership questions at +1.651.994.3801, or e-mail,


expand 29 Labs LLC
expand Alaskan Brewing Co
Contact Person: David D. Wilson
5429 Shaune Dr
Juneau, AK 99801-9540
Phone: (907) 780-5866

Alaskan Brewing was founded in Juneau, AK, in 1986 by Geoff and Marcy Larson. It's a privately held company with 75 employees. It is a regional craft brewer of Ales--distributing to 10 states on the USA west coast (Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona). Alaskan Brewing uses glacier fed water and is an all malt brewer--producing 5 year-round products (Amber, Pale, White Ale, Oatmeal Stout, IPA) and 5 seasonals (Summer Ale, Winter Ale, Barley Wine, Baltic Porter, and Smoked Porter). Alaskan Brewing is focused on making Internationally recognized quality malt beverages: it's the leading medal winner at the Great American Brewing Festival among craft brewers (and 3rd place among all brewers behind AB and Coors), and has won numerous international awards.
expand Allagash Brewing Company
expand Anchor Brewing Co
Contact Person: Andrea Devries
1705 Mariposa St
San Francisco, CA 94107-2334
Phone: (415) 863-8350x6340

expand Anton Paar GmbH
expand ATPGroup
Contact Person: Mark Zanin
2 Madison Ave Ste 210
Larchmont, NY 10538
Phone: (914) 834-1881

ATP is the largest supplier to the wine industry and is proud to present a range of products to the brewing industry. Product range includes brewing process aids, brewhouse antioxidants, enzymes, clarifiers, yeast nutrients, filtration aids, stabilizers, filter sheets, cartridges, filtration equipment, pasteurizers, bottling equipment, and analytical equipment. Some of the suppliers that ATP represents are AEB Group, Carlson, DME Brewing Equipment, EaglePicher, Hanna Instruments, ISP, MecSens DO meters, and Padovan among others.
expand Bio-Chem Lab Inc
expand Boston Beer Co
Contact Person: Jacquelyn Jordan
30 Germania St
Boston, MA 02130-2315
Phone: (610) 391-4815
expand Brew Hub
expand Briess Malting Co
Contact Person: Gordon T. Lane
PO Box 229
Chilton, WI 53014-0229
Phone: (920) 849-7711

Briess Malting Co. domestically produces more than 50 varieties of base and specialty malts. Briess also produces pure malt extract, pregelatinized brewers flakes, torrified brewer grains and adjuncts.
expand Cargill Malt
expand Cicerone Certification Program
Contact Person: Pat Fahey
4043 N Ravenswood Ave Ste 306
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: (773) 549-4800

The Cicerone Certification Program certifies and educates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experience for consumers.
expand Cloud-Sellers
expand Craft Brew Alliance
Contact Person: Joe Casey
929 N Russell St
Portland, OR 97227
Phone: (503) 331-7257

CBA is a publically traded brewer headquartered in Portland, OR. CBA represents Widmer Brothers Brewing, Redhook Ale Brewery, Kona Brewing, and Omission Beer.
expand Ecolab, Inc.
expand Founders Brewing Co
Contact Person: Jared Vosler
235 Grandville Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 325-2853

Founded in 1997, Founders Brewing Co. is one of the fastest growing and highest rated breweries in the world. Their lineups of beers are available in 24 states and counting and are crafted for a chose few rather than brewed for the masses. Founders Brewed for Us.
expand Georgetown Brewing Co
expand Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.
Contact Person: Peter Stenfort
81 M St
Fresno, CA 93721-3215
Phone: (559) 256-5448
expand Hach Lange GmbH
expand Heineken Supply Chain
Contact Person: Eric Welten
PO Box 510
Zoeterwoude 2380 BB
Phone: 31 71 545 6556
expand Hygiena
expand K&G Data Solutions
Contact Person: Luke Gordon
38 East Ridgewood Ave
Suite 272
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Phone: (844) 310-1641x704

K&G Data Solutions, LLC provides Brew-Q, a cloud-based quality software that specializes in the collection, analysis, and reporting of quality data for breweries of all sizes.
expand Kalsec Inc
expand Karbach Brewing Co
Contact Person: Eric Warner
2032 Karbach St
Houston, TX 77092
Phone: (713) 680-2739

Houston based craft brewery founded in September 2011.
expand Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products
expand Kirin Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Hiroko Konno
Research & Development Planning Dept
4-10-2 Nakano Nakano-ku
Tokyo 164-0001
Phone: 81 3 6734 9782

Beer Production.
expand Malteurop North America Inc
expand Midwest Hop and Beer Analysis LLC
Contact Person: Richard K. Cole
319 Water Street
Evansville, WI 53536-1200
Phone: (608) 882-4677

Our purpose is to provide an analytical chemical testing service to the local and regional hop growers and beer brewers.
expand Midwest Laboratories Inc
expand MillerCoors
Contact Person: Susan Kay
3939 W Highland Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53208-0482
Phone: (414) 931-2291
expand MilliporeSigma a Business of Merck KGaA
expand Molson Coors
Contact Person: Ian Douglas
33 Carlingview Dr
Toronto, ON M9W 5E4
Phone: (416) 679-7512
expand North America Breweries
expand North American Craft Maltsters Guild
Contact Person: Brent Manning
99 Pond Rd
Asheville, NC 28806-2250
Phone: (828) 450-1081

Our mission is to promote the tradition of craft malting in North America. We serve as an education-based non-profit for the craft malt industry.
expand Optek-Danulat, Inc.
expand Pall Corporation
Contact Person: Kristen Gobbo
25 Harbor Park Dr
Port Washington, NY 11050-4664
Phone: (866) 905-7255

Pall Corporation is the largest and most diverse filtration, separations and purifications company in the world. You can rely on Pall for proven solution to all of your filtration or separations needs. We design, develop and manufacture an unparalleled range of advanced filter media, associated equipment, separation systems and membrane processes. For the food and beverage industries, Pall has developed filtration and advanced filtration systems that meet market needs for reliability and cost effectiveness. Easy to install, and simple to use, the space systems satisfy a wide variety of filtration requirements. Pall filters remove particulate contamination, ensure the absence of spoilage microorganisms and provide high quality air and gases. Membrane processes can additionally concentrate products without heat, purity and clarity, selectively remove components, and even deal with process effluent. Contact us today! Pall Corporation, 2200 Northern Boulevard, East Hills, NY 11548, 866.905.7255 phone, 516.625.3610 fax,
expand Pentair Haffmans
expand PQ Corporation
Contact Person: Kenneth A. Berg
280 Cedar Grove Rd
Conshohocken, PA 19428-2247
Phone: (610) 651-4644

The PQ Corporation is one of the world's most successful developers and producers of inorganic chemicals and performance particles-materials that solve problems and improve products and processes in hundreds of industries worldwide. PQ's adsorbent gels are specially designed silica gels, known world-wide under the flagship name BRITESORB®. By carefully controlling the size and surface characteristics of the pores, we can make a silica gel adsorb only those constituents of beer we want to remove: they adsorb the proteins that cause chill haze, but they do not adsorb the proteins necessary for an attractive and stable head of foam. The result is a brilliant beverage that retains its clarity during extended shelf storage.
expand Profamo, Inc.
expand R-Biopharm, Inc.
Contact Person: Sean A. Tinkey
870 Vossbrink Dr
Washington, MO 63090
Phone: (269) 789-3033

R-Biopharm develops, manufactures and markets rapid enzyme immunoassays for the detection of residues in food and feed. They include test kits for mycotoxins, hormones and anabolics, antibiotics, vitamins, food allergens and pathogens. R-Biopharm is also the worldwide exclusive distributor for the Boehringer Mannheim Roche enzymatic tests as well DNA /PCR based tests for the detection of GMOs, allergens and meat speciation by CONGEN.
expand Rahr Corporation
expand Rheonix Inc
Contact Person: Kenny Salky
10 Brown Road Ste103
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: (607) 257-1242x117

Rheonix is committed to making complex molecular testing available to laboratories everywhere by making tests that are simple to use and affordable. Our beer SpoilerAlert assay is completely automated, processes up to 24 samples in 5 hours and detects not only spoilage microorganisms, but also hop resistance genes. The assay is available as an instrument purchase, rental or as a 3rd party testing service.
expand Sapporo Breweries Ltd
expand Short's Brewing Co
Contact Person: Tyler J. Glaze
211 Industrial Park Dr
Elk Rapids, MI 49629
Phone: (231) 714-8417

Short's was established by Brewer, Owner and CEO, Joe Short, in 2004. Our brewpub is located in the heart of downtown Bellaire, Michigan. It features 20 draft beers brewed on-site, delicious food from our gourmet deli and a live music venue that showcases local musicians. At our production brewery in Elk Rapids, we brew beer that is sold in bottles and kegs throughout Michigan. We do not plan to expand outside of Michigan, but rather to establish ourselves firmly at the center of Michigan's exciting craft beer scene.
expand Siebel Institute and World Brewing Academy
expand Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
Contact Person: Steve L. Dresler
1075 E 20th St
Chico, CA 95928-6722
Phone: (530) 893-3520
expand Sleeman Brewing and Malting
expand Steinfurth, Inc.
Contact Person: Johann Angres
541 Village Trace
Bldg 11 Ste 102
Marietta, GA 30067
Phone: (678) 500-9014

Steinfurth is producing and developing customized measuring instruments for the quality control of beverages and beverages packages. Our product range: CO2-Measuring systems for packaged and draught beverages, Measuring devices and calibrators for pressure and temperature, Closure Torque Tester, Calibration Tools for torque, Pressure and Temperature logger / Logger for monitoring of pasteurization, Beer analyzer (here specifically automatic Foam Stability Measurement and Turbidity Testing), Sampling devices for automatic single and multiple beverage sampling , Lab Scale Carbonators, Small Scale Inline Carbonators, Laboratory shaker for sample preparation, Packaging testing devices for closures, bottles and cans.
expand The Bruery
expand Thermo Fisher Scientific
Contact Person: Deepali Mohindra
68 3rd Ave
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: (781) 622-1000

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science with revenues of $17 billion and more than 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. The Thermo Fisher Scientific brand of discrete cell technology Gallery analyzers offers faster, reproducible results with less sample and reagent waste. All necessary analysis steps are automated and low detection levels can be achieved. This technology has been successfully adapted to over 50 food and beverage and environmental applications.
expand Thirsty Dog Brewing Co
expand TUV Rheinland of North America
Contact Person: Mark Smith
2709 SE Otis Corley Dr Ste 11
Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone: (479) 250-0059

TUV Rheinland is an international service group that documents the safety and quality of new and existing products, systems and services. Our Bentonville, AR laboratory is part of the TUV Rheinalnd of North America group. We are an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that continues to broaden its scope of testing to meet our clients' domestic and international regulatory requirements. We provide a broad range of chemical analyses that includes the evaluation of craft beer for quality, safety, and label verifications.
expand Union de Cervecerias Peruanas
expand Utah Brewers Cooperative
Contact Person: David McKean
1763 S 300 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Phone: (801) 466-8855x225

Wasatch Brewery was founded in 1986 by Greg Schirf. Squatters Brewery was founded in 1989 by Peter Cole and Jeff Polychronis. In 2000 the packaging divisions merged to form the Utah Brewers Cooperative.
expand Weyerbacher Brewing Co
expand White Labs, Inc.
Contact Person: Lisa White
9495 Candida St
San Diego, CA 92126-4541
Phone: (858) 693-3441
expand Wyeast Laboratories Inc
expand Yakima Chief-Hopunion LLC
Contact Person: Missy Raver
203 Division St
Yakima, WA 98902
Phone: (509) 839-9022